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Director: Angela Mrad I Runtime: 9 mins I Country: Lebanon

An imaginative cacophony of colors and concepts

Noted Greek TV & radio personality Angela Mrad's latest short film, Crossroads is a bold an imaginative experiment. A man loses his love and attachment to life and decides to live underground. Destructive forces torment a woman, and a child witnesses the hardships of life and finds himself at a crossroads.

On the surface there is little in common between the three narrative threads but through some powerful imagery and poetic editing, Angela spins a fantasy ride through the depth of human mind in this 9 minute film.

Some of the pacing choices and narrative techniques used here might appear baffling to certain viewers. Nearly half of the film sees a man going through mundane routine of washing clothes and one might wonder if this dreary edit choice is intentional. It is! The second half of the film delves into the realm of mystical and abstract with the arrival of a woman. Things quickly turn bizarre and if you are flowing with the "narrative" with an open mind, there is quite an interesting payoff.

This is a film that asks you to flow with it and you should let it. Unconventional and abstract films often end up losing their narrative focus. Luckily, Crossroads does not fall into this fallacy.

Crossroads is currently playing in select film festivals worldwide.

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